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How to buy your NFTsWe explain step by step what you need to do to be able to buy.
1. Get your Wallet
To acquire your NFTs, you first need a Wallet, a wallet for your digital possessions. Maybe you already have one, but if you don't, you can get one for free with Metamask, one of the most popular and the one we use, here's how.
2. Adjust your Wallet.
There are several Blockchain networks, which is where the NFTs are. Ours is on the Polygon network, which is fast, green, and cheap. You will need to activate and select this network in your Wallet to be able to trade. Here we explain more.
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3. Load your cryptocurrency
When you buy an NFT you will pay its cost and the network's gas. Once you have selected the Polygon network, you need MATICs, the cryptocurrency, the "money". In your Wallet, you can buy MATICs or receive them from an Exchange. Here we explain more.
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4. Buy, sign, and wait
You can now buy your NFT. The steps will be displayed in your Wallet. You will have to accept and sign the transaction for the network to start working. In a few minutes, the NFT will appear in your Wallet and will be yours. We explain it Here in more detail.
Why Telefónica
SecurityUsing Blockchain technology allows us to guarantee the security of all your transactions.
Exclusive creationsUnique editions of great artists only available in our Marketplace.
Artist verificationArtists with a guarantee of authenticity who make exclusive works available to you.
Sustainable commitmentWe are committed to the environment, and that's why our technological choices are responsible and respectful.
What is an NFT
These are digital certificates of authenticity that represent a tokenized physical or digital asset. They exist through Blockchain technology and are unique, indivisible, and transferable.
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